Waste Fired Steam Boilers

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The information in the book Waste Fired Steamboilers is partly of a general nature; in part it describes any given installation.

The first chapter of Waste Fired Boilers aims in particular at those who have never dealt with waste processing and waste incineration; its setup in short is purely introductory. The other chapters all start out with an introduction, where possible followed by a study of the installation itself. Appropriate chapters include a great number of calculations and arithmetic examples. For lovers of the process some complex arithmetic examples have also been attended to. There is also a section containing the combustion thermodynamics diagram of Professor AJ Terlinden, with a practical application.

Since certain legal provisions were amended and we also received user comments, there was reason to adapt the book Waste Fired Boilers. In the second edition of Waste Fired Boilers a number of figures have been revised. On request a Management chapter was added to this edition.

Results and learning path with Waste Fired Steam Boilers

After you have read Waste Fired Boilers your knowledge will have expanded among various further results. After you have read Waste Fired Boilers you can:

  • Explain which types of boilers are applied
  • Explain how these boilers are constructed
  • Indicate critical process temperatures
  • Determine the correct process management procedures


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Waste Fired Steam Boilers



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