Steam Technology and Applications

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In the book Steam Technology the emphasis is laid on elementary steam theory and the book focuses in detail on the various kinds of steam, steam tables and frequently used diagrams. Moreover the book Steam Technology deals with the subject of preheaters, degassers, quality of steam and condensate pots.

The book Steam Technology pays much attention to calculations of steam in connection with heat exchangers, but also to systems, heat transfer calculations, efficiency and more in particular to efficiency improvement.

On users request the book Steam Technolog’ was expanded in 2010 with gauge-glasse errors and a number of extra diagrams.

Results and learning path with Steam Technology and applications

On having studied the book Steam Technology your knowledge is broadened and various other results may be noted. After you have read the book Steam Technology you will be able to:

  • Explain the concepts of both entropy and enthalpy
  • Read and interpret h-s and T-s diagrams
  • Carry out calculations on steam installations
  • Carry out efficiency calculations
  • Optimise steam systems
  • Determine the suction levels of pumps
  • Select the kind of steam to be used for the generation of energy and heating
  • Explain the purpose of the various preheaters as applied in these steam systems


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Steam Technology and Applications



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