Energy Technology Steam Turbines

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The book Energy Technology Steam Turbines deals with elementary steam turbine theory. The book pays a great deal of attention to practice. In the book Energy Technology Steam Turbines a special chapter is dedicated to efficiency improvement.

In the first version of this book special attention is paid to the various types of turbines. On user’s request, a chapter dealing with lubricating oil has been included in Energy Technology Steam Turbines.

This book is also useful for secondary courses and for those well versed in this matter. To them it may serve as a book of reference. In the second edition of the book some minor revisions have been made.

Results and learning path with Energy Technology Steam Turbines

After reading Energy Technology Steam Turbines your knowledge will have expanded and there are several noticeable results. After reading Energy Technology Steam Turbines you can:

  • Indicate which types of turbines there are
  • Indicate which turbine is applied where
  • Perform calculations on turbines with respect to capacity
  • Calculate the efficiency of a turbine
  • Calculate operating hours


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Energy Technology Steam Turbines



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