Terms & Conditions

I General
  1. These Terms and Conditions shall apply to all Consultancy Sexton v.o.f ./ Martech Training & Consultancy offers made between Sexton v.o.f./Martech Work, hereinafter referred to as contractor and customer concluded agreements and their implementation. These Terms and Conditions are filed with the Chamber of Commerce to Terneuzen under number 22046552
  2. Deviating provisions must be in writing and shall be deemed to supplement these terms and conditions, unless expressly agreed otherwise.
II Offers
  1. Offers of work are not binding unless they include a deadline. If the offer contains an offer without obligation which is accepted by the client, the contractor of the work has the right to revoke the offer within two working days of receipt of the offer.
  2. An agreement is concluded by explicit acceptance of the order by the seller in a conventional manner in the industry.
||| Prices
  1. The prices are determined upon acceptance of the order.
  2. The prices are considered to be denominated in Euros. If another currency is stated in the invoice, it is related to Euros at the current rate.
IV Activities
  1. If the place of business shall be the place designated by the principal.
  2. The client undertakes to ensure that the work can begin adopted Consultancy Sexton v.o.f ./ Martech Work on the agreed date. The client shall see to it that the working environment is cleaned up care, so that the work can be started immediately.
  3. If it is not possible that work commence on the agreed date, the client is obliged as soon as possible but no later than five working days before the commencement of the work, for the agreed start date to warn the contractor of the work.
  4. If Consultancy Sexton v.o.f. / Martech Work force majeure, changes in the contract or in the terms of the implementation within the agreed time can cause or carry out the work, has the right to extend the implementation period c.q. completion date.
  5. If the start of the work or its progress is delayed by circumstances which may reasonably be borne by the contract-giver, the damage is the leading contractor of the work to be borne by the client.
V Responsibility
  1. Reimbursement by the contractor of the work of the appropriate by the principal damages will not exceed the invoice value of the work performed to which the complaint relates, unless the contract-giver proves that the damage was caused by intent or gross negligence on the part of the contractor itself or executive officers which it is responsible.
  2. Liability regarding business damage / business interruption is expressly excluded.
VI Payment
  1.     Payment must be made at the discretion of the contractor’s work:
    a) net cash upon delivery of the work or,
    b) by payment or transfer to a vendor designated bank or post office account within 30 days after the invoice date or,
    c) in accordance with the said payment in the tender
  2. The client is not entitled to be paid to bring any part due to a counterclaim that he may make it. The client may amount payable by him to suspend pursuant to a complaint about the delivered work, the contractor of the work demonstrates that the complaint is unjustified.
  3. The client is in default upon the expiry of the agreed period for payment, without a separate notice for this is required.
  4. The contractor of the work is authorized if the principal fails to charge 1% interest per month from the due date of the invoice until the date of payment. The contractor is also entitled, if the buyer fails to bring the exchange rate loss incurred charged.
  5. If payment is to be made by bringing DAS Collection, will the resulting legal and other costs borne by the client. This means that the defaulting mission-giver, without prejudice to any proceedings in respect of the costs caused by his default, an immediate sum of 15% of the invoice amount or the actual collection costs will be due.
VII Retention of Title
  1. All delivered goods remain the property of the contractor’s work to that in respect thereof amounts are paid in full.
  2. For late payment of one or more invoices due and if the concrete circumstances of the case and a fair balancing of the interests of the parties leave no other choice, the contractor has the right to goods supplied and delivered materials immediately to himself take and to discharge from the place of storage.
VIII Applicable Law
  1.  All agreements to which these Terms and Conditions in whole or in part to, the Dutch law.  
  2.  All disputes, including those only considered as such by one of the parties relating to or arising from the intermediate and a foreign-based copper contract, to which these General Terms apply may be decided by the Dutch court, which has jurisdiction over the area where the contractor is established.
IX Final Determination
  1. In cases where these Terms and Conditions do not provide will also be governed by Dutch law.
  2. If and to the extent that any part c.q. any provision of these Terms and Conditions would appear contrary to any mandatory rule of national or international law, as it will not be considered and agreed upon will continue to bind these Terms and Conditions for other parties.