Flue Gas Purification

Flue Gas Purification

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The book gives a description of the plants installed at waste incineration sites in The Netherlands.

Flue gas purification has expanded enormously, not remarkable in view of the stringent environmental requirements. It is not only waste incineration plants that burn waste; power plants increasingly supplement their range of fuels requiring them to meet ever stricter environmental demands. Problems with dioxin and furan emissions spring to mind.

Results and learning path with Flue Gas Purification

After reading Flue Gas Purification your knowledge will have expanded and there are several noticeable results. After you have read Flue Gas Purification you can:

  • Explain what flue gas purification looks like
  • Name the various flue gas purification components
  • Explain how these components work
  • Perform simple calculations on these installations
  • Localise and remedy breakdowns


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Flue Gas Purification




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